5 Non-Geographical Street View Virtual Tours That Geeks Will Love

Google Maps’ Street View, the on-the-ground way to explore any neighborhood, is brilliant at giving you a new way to check out locations around the world. For instance, there are some geeky virtual tours you’ll love, like Stanford University or CERN. But you might be surprised to know that Street View goes beyond geography alone. You can actually take a tour inside fictional places, historical landmarks and objects, and several other things that you’d never have thought of.




As one of the longest running geek TV shows of all time, Doctor Who has been entertaining fans for 50 years. It’s only fitting then to start off this virtual tour with the legendary time travel machine from the show, TARDIS. It’s one of the coolest Easter eggs from Google’s engineers.

Search TARDIS in London on Maps or go the title link above to be transported to a street in London, where you’ll spot a familiar blue telephone box. “Enter” the box by using the navigation buttons or the up/down arrow keys.

Inside, TARDIS’s advanced tech shows how it’s a much bigger room than the phone booth you saw outside. You can explore two platforms worth of Who-related artefacts, and even play with the console. It’s absolutely brilliant and a perfect replica of what you’ve seen on TV.

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