10 ways your phone makes you a better person

Think of all the trees you’ve saved by texting your BFF instead of writing them 1000-page letters.

1. You remember every birthday

Thanks to Facebook, you know the birthday of every single person you’ve ever met, including the guy who asked for directions three years ago and the handyman from your old apartment building.

2. You’re a modern-day scrapbooker

That album of 5,628 selfies? It’s not vanity! It’s 5,628 beautiful memories for your children and grandchildren.

3. You’re a financial ninja

Sticking to a budget is difficult, but it’s slightly less difficult when you have finance apps like Mint sending shame notifications whenever you spend a little too much on booze.

4. You stay in touch

You still don’t call your mother often enough, but you do call her (and video chat with her, and text her) more than you would if you didn’t have a smartphone.

5. You’re environmentally-friendly

You save trees every damn day by obsessively using your smartphone for things like emailing and texting, taking notes, online banking, etc.

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